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If you’re like me, when you want to leave you’re already gone. The mind’s already out the door before the hand grips goodbye. Shaela Miller’s years spent doing good country music work are safely etched into public consciousness. A turn at this point is by no means an undoing, but a welcome lead into new territory. Miller’s fast-rising path is set to be amplified by a sonic reintroduction to one of Alberta’s best voices and most sincere stage personalities. On the heels of a 1st Place Project WILD finish, years of top-tier folk festival circuiting, TV placements like HBO’s True Blood, and many other accomplishments.

Early dreams stay in the blood. Pulsating drum beats meet ring-spun synthesizers balanced by steel guitar professions as the listener is introduced to a captivating story. It’s one of a dual world – a binary of New Wave and Classic Country – the expression that reared a young songwriter years ago. For Shaela, it’s a self-indulgent trip back to a world of music she’s been patiently waiting to explore. The listener should take comfort in feeling a little tense, but this is no sleight of hand.

It’s all from the deep well of emotion where Shaela lives as a songwriter. Where dreams go unspent, the host can be left to wither. Take a small comfort knowing that Shaela is guiding her own career path as every artist should – with no fear of expectations.



'After the Masquerade' debuts the ambitious new single and music video from Shaela Miller. It’s a title track born of a modern take on synth-driven new wave that puts a fresh face on Miller’s country-tinged songwriting. “After the Masquerade” weaves in a fever dream where unsettling moments are played back in the mind as it toils its way out of a slumber party.


​"I wrote this song, knowing it would be the title track to my album. The title is strong and paints a beautiful scope for the imagination. The song tackles important subject matter, not often talked about - yet experienced by many.  It tells a story of misinterpreted consent that evolves into feelings of shame and helplessness. I hope when my listeners hear this song, they hear the story. I hope it makes people think, and I hope it helps people feel a little less alone." -Shaela Miller 

Lisa Wilton “Traffic Jams” | CKUA

"Her voice is the real deal and her songwriting is sharp and clever, and I can't think of another Alberta singer
who looks so cool on stage. As host of CKUA's afternoon drivetime show, Traffic Jams, I've played the heck out of her albums, Bad Ideas and Big Hair Small City."

Scott Franchuck | Riverdale Recorders

"In today’s world where anything can be faked, nothing is more rare or valuable than true authenticity. Shaela Miller is as genuine as they come. Her deep love for great music in general, and classic country in particular..."

Shaun Lee on 'Big Hair Small City" | Cups n Cakes


"Miller is clearly a songwriter who comes from the “A-sides only” school - every song on Big Hair sounds like a potential radio hit, and one can’t help but get the feeling that this LP could potentially be the one that opens her up to national attention. The album comes on hot right out of the gates..."

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