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The Dust Collectors are an alternative folk 4-piece from Calgary, AB, Canada.

The Dust Collectors are proof that sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you all along. After years of playing separately in different bands, the four-piece evolved organically, quickly moving from garage jams to song-writing in a matter of weeks. By Winter 2018, they were recording their first Demos EP and playing shows around the local Calgary circuit.

The group approach songwriting as a collaborative effort. With each member coming from different places of influence, the result is a blend of country, folk and rock that is both bitter and sweet to the listener's ears, bringing to mind classic collectives like The Band and CSNY. What truly sets this band apart is that each member contributes vocally; sharing lead-singer responsibilities and seamless four-part harmonies have become the signature of their ever-increasing setlist of original songs.

The Dust Collectors are currently working on their first album, recording with Pat Palardy at Public Lunch Studios in Calgary. 


The Dust Collectors Single Release 'Waiting Game'
Released March 10 2023

The Dust Collectors get moody with towering rock riffs and explosive vocals on 'Waiting Game'

Hot on the heels of the successful release of their debut EP, Filtered Gems, in January 2023, The Dust Collectors are back with rock-influenced single "Waiting Game". Opening with a cool and collected blues-rock swagger, "Waiting Game" steadily builds into a full-tilt rock jam with towering electric guitar riffs and explosive vocals, singing over the chorus: "Figure out what your intentions really mean / When you’re ready I’ll be waiting".

Waiting Game - Cover FINAL.png

"The lyrics on the track are infectious, merging with the hooky instrumentation perfectly."

- Canadian Beats

The Dust Collectors EP Release 'Filtered Gems'
Released January 27, 2023

Filtered Gems makes an energetic start with EP's boot-stomping sea-shanty-inspired lead single "Take A Dive". The band takes a darker turn on the outlaw country ballad "Murder, I Wrote" - a straightforward story of "boy meets girls, girl leaves boy, boy buries girl in the back forty." "Dandelion" shows a more sentimental side, with the heartache of wasted love, fit with a soulful violin solo. "Better Times" brings a hopeful hue to the EP, with a robust build of expansive drums and soaring four-part harmonies singing, "All around you it shines, leading me and you to better times".

TDC Filtered Gems EP Cover.jpg

"An exhilarating folk-rock ride of thorough enjoyment" 

-Send Me Your Ears

"These guys tell stories that manage to entertain the listener from the first to the last second."

-Edgar Allen Poets

The Dust Collectors first single is "Take A Dive", released November 4th, 2022.

A song made for boot stomping and beer-spilling cheers', “Take A Dive”leans heavily into sea shanty roots. Songwriter Luke Giblin drew inspirationfrom various stories of 1920s Irish immigrants in America - who made a livingprize-fighting and sometimes fixing boxing fights through the Mob. As cleverin its storytelling as it is musically catchy, The Dust Collectors sing in theirsignature four-part harmonies through the song's refrain: “Take a dive, take adive, swallow all your stupid pride, now is not the time to be a better man /Hitthe canvas like a stone and you might make it out alive, you don’t messaround with crooked bookie men”.
The Dust Collectors - Take A Dive Cover.jpg

The single was self-produced and recorded with Pat Palardy at Public Lunch Studios in Calgary, Alberta and is to be followed up with a seven-track EP
later this year.


Matt Easton - lead vocals, lead guitar 

Luke Giblin - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin 

Steve Rozitis - bass, backing vocals 

Scott Stolee - drums, backing vocals

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