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Our Approach

Neon Moon Records is not your average industry crew; we bring the traditional record label game with a twist.  Artists make the investment by paying our service fee and the project's marketing budget, then we roll together for the agreed term. Think global distribution, publicity, playlisting, online store management and fulfilment, graphic design, content development, marketing strategy and more – from one united team. We've partnered with industry heavy-hitters like FUGA, Play MPE, VEVO, AMPED, and Press Party to maximize reach and build your audience.

Neon Moon is your value-added partner, dedicated to boosting your revenue without taking a big chunk. Artists pocket 100% from off-stage merch and physical album sales. We're not after a slice of your pie; we're here to help you bake a bigger one.


Plus, we've got add-on services to utilize as you need . Fancy Music Video Production, Record Production, Grant Writing, Tour Booking, or Event Production? Consider it done.  We're here to make sure your career is firing from all cylinders.

Ready to share your music? Get in touch.

Full Moon



  • Artists are onboarded 8-10 weeks before the first release.



  • We create a custom release strategy with your goals in mind, so the campaign duration can vary.

  • A release campaign is minimum

    • 3 months for singles

    • 4 months for EP's

    • 6 months for albums (but we'd recommend 6-8 months.)



  •  $1,000.00 CAD/month + gst

  • The marketing & advertizing budget for third-party spends



  • Global Distribution through FUGA

  • Project management with custom release strategy

  • Graphic design and asset creation

  • Marketing strategy (content development, video distribution, branding and design direction)

  • Publicity

  • Ad campaigns

  • Radio Promotion

  • Event Production Strategy

  • Grant Consultation

  • Ongoing educational resources 

Campaigns are customizable, so resources are allocated to the specific needs of each artist. Don't need graphic design? Then we can put a greater effort in other areas of the campaign.


  • Event Production
  • Video Production

  • Audio Production

  • Tour Booking

  • Grant Writing

*Prices Vary

New Moon

Consulting services



  • $100/ hr + gst for 1 hour

  • $75/ hr +gst for 2+ hours

  • $50/ hr + gst for 4+ hours



  • Marketing Strategy

  • Timeline Planning

  • Online/Social Audit

  • Event Production Strategy

  • Grant Consultation

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