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Artist Testimonials

Amelie Patterson 2 - 2023 - Heather Saitz (p).jpg

Amelie Patterson

"My experience with Neon Moon has been transformative and immensely positive for both my career as a musician and passion as an artist. It's been a master class in collaboration and teamwork. The feeling of releasing music with a team of people who believe in and support your work changed my entire perspective of my career and of the music industry." 



"The depth and breadth of experience on Neon Moon's team meant better marketing strategies, better organization, and better industry connections than if we had released independently. Ultimately, the Neon Moon team has helped us connect with new listeners who have taken an active interest in our band. I've released a lot of records independently over the years—working with Neon Moon felt like a momentum shift where my music finally started reaching the right people.  I love Neon Moon and would recommend them to any artists seeking a label."

We are passionate about developing artists and releasing music in strategic ways.

Hear from some of the world class musicians we've had the pleasure of working with.


The Dust Collectors

"The Neon Moon team has always felt like a group of people who are truly fans of music rather than people in "the music business". We started working with Neon Moon right before releasing our first single, and then EP, and then album. The breakthroughs happened on larger scales with each release. We saw our streaming numbers increase pretty fast, and then things like radio play, interviews and the audiences at our shows also grew steadily too."

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"Neon Moon was an ideal first-label experience for me. Their team is very knowledgeable and has unique release strategies. Neon Moon has been a solid sounding board for my ideas and walked me through many things I needed help understanding or seeing the value in as a previously independent artist. As an artist, it is hard not to be emotional or precious about your project. Their team of outside perspectives enabled me to communicate my vision and project more effectively, which in turn directly influenced how my art was received and its success so far."

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