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The Dust Collectors


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The Dust Collectors are an alternative folk band from Calgary, Alberta.  After years of playing separately in different bands, these long-time friends quickly moved from garage jams to song-writing. By Winter 2018, they were recording demos and playing shows around the local Calgary circuit and haven't stopped since (except maybe for a pandemic).

The group approach songwriting as a collaborative effort. With each member coming from different places of influence, the result is a blend of country, folk, blues and rock. What truly sets this band apart is that each member contributes vocally; seamless six-part harmonies have become the signature of their sound. The end product is both bitter and sweet to the listener's ears, bringing to mind collectives like Fleet Foxes and CSNY.

The Dust Collectors completed work on their first album, recording with Pat Palardy at Public Lunch Studios.  The album, titled Outside In, was released on May 2023 through Neon Moon Records. They have released two singles, Take A Dive (2022) and Waiting Game (2023), as well as two EP's, Filtered Gems and Hanlon's Razor (both 2023). Their songs have been featured on CKUA, CBC Radio, CJSW and on several online radio shows across North America.


The Dust Collectors are:

Tyler Allen - Guitar, Steel Guitar

Rikki Browne - Vocals

Matt Easton - Guitar, Vocals

Luke Giblin - Guitar, Mandolin, Keys, Vocals

Dayna Moritz - Vocals

Steve Rozitis - Bass, Vocals

Scott Stolee - Drums, Vocals

words by E.F. Hanlon


ALBUM ARTWORK - Outside In - The Dust Collectors.PNG
TDC Filtered Gems EP Cover.jpg
EP ARTWORK - Hanlon's Razor - The Dust Collectors.png
ARTWORK - Waiting Game - The Dust Collectors.png
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